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To have found this page I must assume that you have heard of the Loch Ness Monster. The problem this website tries to address is the understanding of how the mystery got started, how its character changed and why evidence should not be taken at face value.

I believe that there may be something in the loch, but cannot be certain even though I have had my own sighting. It therefore annoys me intensely that people will believe in Nessie on the flimsiest evidence without having used a critical eye to examine the actual material which is promoted.

If you can force yourself to take the story in the order I have presented it in the index to the left then I believe you will find it more rewarding.

This is a very comprehensive site with tens of thousands of visitors and the only way I can finance quality hosting and deal with the considerable bandwidth used is through products sold, so please check out some of the products on offer within its pages.

Thank you.

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