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This website has been put together by Tony Harmsworth (Tony's details can be found here) after studying the story of the loch and its mystery for more than a quarter of a century. The publisher is Inverness Tours Ltd which is responsible for all content.

There are a number of clubs and associations springing up on the Internet where payment is required to gain access to the material concerned. We do not support such activities. All information on this subject should be freely available and this site is dedicated to achieving that as far as is possible. The site is financed by advertising and you are requested to click on any advert which you find interesting.

Owing to the controversial nature of the subject and the comments made herein, some pieces of evidence displayed could be withheld by the copyright owners. In the publisher's opinion the withholding of material dependent upon what is said about it is not in the best interests of the general public and freedom of information. If any person feels that their material should not be shown and commented upon would they please make contact. The item will be withdrawn from display, the reason for its withdrawal stated and information provided as to where the item can be seen including, if possible, direct links to view the data/photograph/sonar-chart/film at other sites within a pop-up window. As copyright material is added to the site, the details will be listed below. All other pictures are owned by the publishers or by Tony Harmsworth and may be reproduced on the Internet as long as credit is given to the source site i.e. Loch-Ness.org. No item may be used for any commercial purpose whatsoever although the copyright to a number of the publisher's and Tony Harmsworth's pictures are available to purchase.

Tony Harmsworth does believe that there is the possibility of something large living in Loch Ness, but he considers "large" to be anything over six feet or two metres in length and, within this site, will attempt to demonstrate that the more fanciful expectations for the Loch Ness Monster bear no relation to reality.

The journey through the site is intended to be factual but amusing, sceptical but positive, critical but only disparaging where deserved! If you discover a factual inaccuracy or wish any content to be reviewed please email the webmaster with supporting details and changes will be made where necessary or the comments added to the text. Unsupported criticism is unlikely to be included in the site.

We hope that you enjoy it.

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