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The Award Winning Nessie Hunt


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In 1987 a "phenomenal" board game was developed by the Webmaster who was,item13002.jpg - 24601 Bytes at the time, the co-founding managing director of the Official Loch Ness Exhibition Centre. Although the game won awards and the highest acclaim for its fun and educational content, it was not a commercial success. Like many board game they are not financial successes, but they are still immensely fun to play. We have has acquired the last two  hundred games from that first and only 10,000 print run. Every game has been signed by the designer and is becoming a collector's item.

It was designed and made in the Highlands and has over 180 game cards featuring actual photographs (many in colour), real sonar charts, genuine eye witness accounts combining archive material accumulated over many years and simulating the events and problems which have frustrated the search for the elusive Loch Ness Monster.  If you own books on the subject, this contains far more information and is good fun, too.

You begin your search with eye witnesses and, as you gain more sponsorship, increase the size of Nessie Hunt Promotional Pictureyour expedition by purchasing surface cameras, sonars, underwater cameras and biological equipment. You can even deploy a cage if you wish! Throughout the game you must control your finances and collect evidence cards as you compete to be the first to prove Nessie's existence to the world. As you proceed you will meet all the problems and thrills encountered by real expeditions, but all in the comfort of your own home. Will your methods prove successful?

The game is designed for one to five players and is recommended for older children, assisted younger children and adults. In the eighties it had a cult following among students. There are various levels of play from a hard fought fun game of strategy, to an educational family game or as a fun pastime with parents wanting to improve the reading skills of younger children.

The game contains more than 55 pieces of equipment and comes in a box measuring 20.5" x 11.25" x 2" (520mm x 285mm x 50mm)approximately. The full colour board depicts real landmarks around Loch Ness and measures 22" x 19" (555mm x 480mm). Everything in this first and only edition of the game was madeThe Game in Play of the finest materials. In 1987 at the British International Toy Fair Nessie Hunt was voted "BEST NEW PRODUCT" in competition against all other toys including Transformers and the like. The game failed to break into the major retailers and no second run was ever produced although the rights have now reverted to the designer who is planning a new version on CD ROM for launch in 2011 and is looking for partners in this venture.

Check the prices and buy your signed copy through our SECURE server. Click on the following link.


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